vrijdag 18 september 2009

What to do with old Jap bikes?

Green is in.
No matter where you turn you can’t get away from eco this and environmentally friendly that. But this is a good thing, right? We all know we need to do our part when it comes to keeping our planet around for the long haul. But what if you are into vintage two-wheelers?
I’m not talking Schwinn or Huffy here, more like Victory and Yamaha.
What’s a throwback biker to do? How about going electric?
That’s just what Blindspot Cycles of Fort Collins, CO wants you to do.

Making their debut at the 10th Annual Sustainable Living Fair in Fort Collins, Colorado on September 19 & 20, Blindspot Cycles makes electric-powered vintage motorcycles.
Well, they don’t really make them as much as they revive them. It’s pretty simple, really.
They build custom electric motorcycles.
Owner Chris Ravana has found a way to combine his love for the Earth and
vintage motorcycles to create nostalgic and modern motorcycle designs
complete with zero-emissions green technology.

Each Blindspot Cycles creation is a 100% custom creation
based on the individual customer’s needs and tastes.
They claim that they can make something for everyone,
from choppers, bobbers, café cruisers,
and baggers to restored classics and even sport bikes
Some of their bikes are even resurrected from the junkyard and readied for a new life
as an all-electric.
Not into the two-wheel thing?
How about a trike? Yeah, they can do that too.

Starting at around $5,000, Blindspot Cycles’ bikes are capable of speeds up to 80+ mph and distances of up to 60+ miles.
For about 25 cents per charge, which gives an average 50 mph 30-mile range,
riders have plenty of versatility when it comes to short commuting distances.
They also offer bikes that can be registered as scooters, but are limited to 30-35mph
(depending on state laws). Oh, and noise pollution? It’s no longer an issue.
Blindspot Cycles’ bikes are whisper quiet.
Now go get that dead bike out of storage and give it a new lease on life as an electric.



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