maandag 19 mei 2008

A Triumph Model TS 100 1935

Triumph Model TS 100 1935

with 98cc Fichtel und Sachs engine.

This machine is quite unique. Without an idea of scale, at first glance you might assume it to be a 1920’s flat-tank Triumph. It quite surprised me at first how much it drove like one. Obviously it’s a lightweight, so it’s very much easier to manage than a heavy old flat-tank, but the ride-height is similar and it definitely chugs along doing an excellent impersonation of one.

I have to admit to not liking sidecars. I love their looks. But they are atrocious to use on a motorcycle. I thought the TS100, being lighter, might handle one better, so I weighed down this Fenton Zip sidecar with bricks to try and improve the handling. Of course the problem is that when you turn a motorcycle with a sidecar, the sidecar wheel doesn’t turn with you; you have to drag it round a corner. I had some problems with the sidecar mounts and came off this outfit when I was test-driving it.

I need to use it regularly to clear the tank of junk and get it running smoothly; you know what these bikes are like, stopping every few miles to blow out the fuel filter. So, as it handles well as a solo, I’ll use it like that for now and fit the sidecar to the Narcisse instead. The Fenton Zip sidecar was originally fitted to a cycle tandem.

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