vrijdag 19 maart 2010

Guestwriter Gaston Vanzet


Can You All manage this summer...?
Here on the news they told that it is 40 degrees Celsius
and You may not make a fire in the bush because of fire-alarm.
So I hope You can manage it...
Than last but not least:
The links on your blog works fine now...
Keep it Cool ...Than I will keep it warm!
Here it is still winter freezing cold and a bit snowy....


Hi George,

Last weekend I went to the Philip Island Classic races. This is a Australia vs. Briton, New Zealand, South Africa event. It is a great weekend...lots of classic and vintage bikes, a very casual event which means it is OK for the spectators to walk around the pits and the riders are happy to talk to everyone. We can get up close to the machines and some of the hero riders from many years ago. However this year there where not so many vintage bikes. I was thinking of you and trying to get some photos of motorcycles that the DVMA enthusiasts would like to see.

Here are as few that I found that might interest you.

Also the Batbike for your movie motorcycle set, we can't forget that one...
I want to draw that one one day.
Our summer is not as hot as last year when we had the fires but it was 49 degrees Celsius
at a place near us the other day. Man alive we could cook an egg on the car roof.
I hope all that you DVMA members are well and happy.
I check your website nearly every day.

Kind Regards - Gaston

Here is another one showing the track a little bit ..
i should have taken more photos of the track..a very sunny day...
the ocean is in the background.

Philip Island has a beautiful race track but the very strong winds off the ocean blows down the front straight and sometimes the older bikes struggle against this wind. The track is also too long for the old bikes. Many old machines suffer mechanical problems over the four days of racing. One racer told me that they only practice on the Friday because they do not want to wear out their machine before the race days.

Hope this is interesting - Gaston

For Sure it is...



Motoring George Spauwen