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A Morgan Three-Wheeler 990 cc V-Twin 1939



Owner: Dan Dreeben, San Antonio, Texas.

Engine: 990 cc Matchless OHV, 40 bhp.
Bore and stroke: 3-3/8.
Wheelbase: 85 inch.

Weight: 896 lbs.
Fuel consumption: 40 mpg.
Top speed: 85 mph.

Modern Mechanix 1957
Matchless Logo

 Morgan 1913

Matchless 990 cc V-Twin engine

Morgan Super Sports 1926

A Design Philosophy Unlike Any Other

Nothing on the Morgan motor car has ever been changed for the sake of change. This has led many automotive commentators, past and present, to refer to the company as “alive, and well, and living in the 1930s” – a statement that actually does sum up their design philosophy rather well.

In all but price, performance, and visual detail, the Morgan of today is much the same sort of vintage-style sports car which was first produced in the 1930s.

Morgan was founded by H.F.S. Morgan, who produced his first crude, but speedy, tricycle in 1910. The resultant “Three-Wheelers” (two front wheels, one driven rear wheel) was continuously developed, and during their evolution they gained great popularity, both for their economy, and their sporting pretensions.

Morgan Super Sports 1928
A Reputation Built On The Air Cooled JAP Engine

While a handful of Morgans featured the specially-built Anzani units, the vast majority used the famed “JAP” units, either air-cooled or water-cooled.
These motors were a Vee-Twin configuration of around 1000 cc.

Matchless Model X Sports Tourer
V-Twin 990 cc 1937


The Super Sports model, with Matchless Modelo X4 engine, had more than 40bhp and this, combined with minimal weight, helped produce a very lively performance. In fact, fully-tuned 'Grand Prix' Morgans were capable of 115 mph, a startling figure considering the time and the fact that you were doing it on three wheels.

By the early 1930s Morgan opted for a side-valve Ford engine, and to assist with the extra weight they developed a more solid chassis frame. It was this derivative that would continue to be built until the early 1950s, and more than any other was the model responsible to establishing Morgan’s enviable reputation that endures to this day.
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