zondag 30 maart 2008

A Vincent Black Shadow Dragbike

And now something very special !

The Vincent Story

Hi George,

Here is a very special machine that I spotted at
the Classic and Vintage Motorcycle Bonanza
at Broadford, Victoria, Australia.

It is a highly modified Vincent Black Shadow dragbike.
Is it a turbo or a supercharge?

Allot of thought and time has gone into creating this Vincent.
It is surprising what people can do with the old Vincent motors,

from cars...

to modern superbikes.

The Irving Vincent Motorcycle has won the AHRMA
"Battle of the Twins" at Daytona, USA.
3rd - 4th March 2008

Thanks for the site and
a hello to all the Dutch enthusiasts
form a Dutchy in OZ.

Gaston Vanzet

You're Welcome !

Motoring George Spauwen

Always Surprising, Always Close.

Motoring George Spauwen
The Netherlands